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My CEO was so thrilled with the results of our Google Apps rollout, that he asked me, 'What could you do this year, like we did with Google Apps last year?' My answer was, 'let's use more of the features and tools that we already have with Google Apps.'

- Joel Hughes
   SVP eMedia & Information Technology,
   Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc.

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Our products can help you work better together.
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Cloudbakers was the one of the most effective partners I have worked with in the IT industry.  Our implementation of Google Apps was timely, the migration of data was successful, and the training was highly valuable.

- James Phetteplace

  Information System Manager, Willy Street Co-op

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Enjoy Work. Collectively.

              Change is good. Collaboration is great. Innovation is inspiring.      


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Cloudbakers was instrumental in our development of a new innovative line of business that we piloted. They helped us mash our current systems, mobile and cloud solutions in order to automate and streamline our data collection, data analysis and workflow processes.

- Carson Kyhl

   President, Burnham Nationwide

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Change Management | Chicago Google Apps Reseller


Ensure successful rollouts and make your technology team look like rockstars. Achieve productivity on day 1 and turn your users into evangelists.

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Work with your team (together). Wherever. Whenever. Increase productivity and streamline communications. Enjoy work. Collectively.


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Work smarter, not harder. Re-energize your business. Delight your customers.


Change, Collaborate, and Innovate. Intriguing concept, right?


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At Cloudbakers, we are all about two things, our clients and our people. We are a team and work with you the way you need us to. A flexible and fun work environment lets our work shine as much as our personalities do. We bring our culture to your workplace and assimilate with your current employees to ensure that we understand our user group, and work with your business appropriately.

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