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Work better together with tools that change the bottom line. 

Plan an innovative cloud strategy for email, file storage, document sharing & editing, plus CRM and custom apps.

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A Trusted Cloud Partner

Cloudbakers is all about two things, our clients and our people. We are a dedicated team and work with you the way you need us to. We assimilate with your employees to ensure that we understand our user group, and work with your business appropriately. 

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In working with Cloudbakers, I can get more done with a CRM specialist in 2 hours than I could on my own in 2 weeks.
Allen Hancock | Watchman Monitoring

Allen Hancock


Watchman Monitoring

Cloudbakers was the one of the most effective partners I've worked with. Our implementation was timely, the migration of data was successful, and the training was highly valuable.
James Phetteplace | Willy Street Co-op

James Phetteplace

Information Systems Manager

Willy Street Co-op

What can you do for us this year like you did our cloud deployment last year?
Joel Hughes | Scranton Gillette

Joel Hughes

VP of Technology

Scranton Gillette

99% Project Success Rate

99% project success rate

Cloudbakers | Born in the Cloud

Born in the Cloud

& CIO-led

(we've been in your shoes)

Cloud Partner | Mid Market Focus

Focus on

the mid-market

Change Management Experts

Change management experts with deep product knowledge


Cloud solutions don't happen overnight.
It's an evolution.

Click where your initial project would begin.

Is your IT security built for 2017?

Security isn't something you take lightly. Neither do we. Get the most up-to-date answers for how Google handles the security of your business information - from email to infrastructure.

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From DNR to ROI: Navigating Healthcare Cloud Transitions with Change Management

Reducing costs and improving collaboration is key to keeping patient care quality high. The cloud helps you to do both with cutting-edge tools. Start improving your patient care and empower your staff with this whitepaper!


We Focus on the Human Side.

(In addition to the technical)

Change will impact your business. With the right preparation, communication, and training, that impact should make your organization more productive, even on your very first day using new technology.

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Employees should work seamlessly with one another.

Google Cloud Partner | Cloudbakers
Top Zoho Partner

Cloud systems should work seamlessly together.

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