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Critical Security & Management Policies to Implement in Your SaaS Environment

End users can control file sharing settings, create their own groups, install third-party apps by themselves


3 Quick-Win Approaches to Strategic IT Modernization

A full-on cloud commitment vs. strategic steps into the cloud
Which path do you align with?

As you plan your cloud strategy, a phased approach that starts with “quick wins”—either analytics (insights), infrastructure or integrations—is a way to become familiar with the cloud while respecting the people, processes and technology you already have. Each has its benefits in efficiency gains and business value. As you master one “win,” you can evaluate, refine and, as you’re able to prove ROI, tackle the next.

In this playbook, we explore what each phase entails and best practices to achieving results throughout your transformation, including:

  • Ensuring integration with IT service management protocols
  • Delivering the hard economics needed to present a strong ROI business case
  • Developing a manageable way to train your team
Download this playbook to tap into the ROI that cloud technology can achieve for you!
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