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Enterprise Document Management

AODocs | Enterprise Document Management for Google Drive


We've been waiting too long for a document management system like this. There's no doubt that Google Drive brings better collaboration capabilities than it's competitors. The ability to share files and work together in the same documents is step up due to it's simplified interface (if you've tried it/use it, you know).

But with a simple interface sometimes comes a need for work-arounds, which isn't ideal for the enterprise. Here are a few examples where AODocs is coming in for the rescue:

  • AODocs can automatically transfer the ownership of files to a corporate Google Drive account. Why is this good? It lets administrators control which users have the permission to delete certain documents.
  • When employees get too friendly with sharing documents: Prevent re-sharing of files and accidental public sharing.
  • Do you miss Sharepoint? Great! All the features of Sharepoint Document Libraries and Lists are now built on top of Google Drive. Import your Sharepoint content into AODocs, and preserve all the custom document properties, the document permissions, and the full document history with previous versions.
  • Cloudbakers' favorite: Easily configure workflows within AODocs to automate your business processes, document lifecycle, and connect your business applications. Use these workflows for configuring a job interview process, an invoice approval flow, or a document retention policy.

P.S. Use AODocs to become ISO 9001:2015 compliant (quality management). To learn more about the enterprise document management system that is changing the industry, visit their website here.


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