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BetterCloud Saas Management

better data monitoring, better unified management and better security

Why BetterCloud

Get a leg up on your cloud IT.

Once you’ve migrated and settled in to your Google Workspace setup, the ‘bakers recommend taking your SaaS management a step further for the most efficient and secure cloud IT on the market. With BetterCloud, you have a single control center for all your SaaS applications, simplifying actions like automating recurring tasks, overseeing bulk changes to settings and ensuring data security on all fronts.

By leveraging open APIs, BetterCloud securely connects with your data at its source, providing maximum control without requiring any cumbersome setup on your part.

Best Practice for Security of SaaS Applications

BetterCloud Features

The best of BetterCloud.

Action Engine

Access all your apps and perform over 250 administrator actions on the industry’s first unified SaaS platform that centralizes activity and allows for both one-off and bulk actions.

Action Extensions

Enable your IT team to take actions in other applications through BetterCloud’s platform and extend the power of BetterCloud policies to all of your business’s technologies.


Get alerts to stay informed on the most critical activity that affects your business and customize tailored alerts for specific actions to eliminate alert fatigue.

Activity-based Alerts

Never let suspicious activity go unnoticed with activity-based alerts, kept separate from run-of-the-mill user activity notifications for ease of management.

Data Protection

Help security teams identify potential issues with advanced search tools and increased visibility, manage third party applications and enforce policies for data discovery.


Privilege Roles

Manage access for users with custom settings for each application, action and data object to reduce security risks and gain granular control.

Scripting Platform

Centralize your script library to consolidate scripts from disparate systems, control access and allow for developer collaboration.

Trigger Inputs

Create security policies and management workflows in BetterCloud for any of your cloud applications using custom trigger inputs.


Eliminate human error and reduce time spent on manual tasks with automated workflows across all your SaaS applications.
Reap the benefits of better.

No matter what part of Google Workspace you're using, BetterCloud's benefits are clear
across the board.



with multiple SaaS business applications


with multiple SaaS business applications


Minimize human risk and automate as much as possible for scaling

Eliminate technical debt accruing from writing custom scripts for common workflows

Before Bettercloud
  • Former employees retain access to communication tools
  • Need to write custom scripts to identity how many staff installed apps that allow access to contacts
  • Human error from staff forgetting to move new employees to proper OU or set a property on their account, causing frustration, excessive help desk tickets and remediation labor
  • Need to write scripts to delegate an inbox
  • Need to write scripts to impersonate users, list their drive files and search for content when investigating or changing permissions on files under investigation
  • Manual setting of auto-bcc for line employees’ supervisors
  • Specific IT admin business process tasks performed manually
  • Need to write scripts for post-termination renaming of accounts to comply with 3rd party litigation hold username formats (e.g. username.old@domain.com and moved to a new OU where services were frozen in time for that user)
  • New staff require multiple people to execute procedures documented in long format manuals
After Bettercloud
  • Defined rules for which applications are allowed certain permissions and which are blocked
  • Defined rules that turn off access to all applications without suspending an account during remediation and offboarding
  • Automated cookie and session revoking
  • Automated onboarding and offboarding workflows via Okta application management integration
  • Automated onboarding and offboarding procedures
  • Savings include eliminating hours per new hire and per former employee
  • Eliminate the need for script development

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