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10 Qualities a Progressive-Thinking CEO Should Look for in a CIO

magnifying-glass(left)Today’s successful CIO recognizes the changes that are rapidly occurring within the workplace and are aware of the effects on their role as well as their executives’ roles. Do you make every decision with the company’s end goal in the back of your mind? Staying current with all issues affecting your business and making innovative decisions based on those issues will make you better at your job and give you a powerful edge within your executive team.

We have researched and devised a list of 10 qualities that today’s CEO look for in their CIO. Find where you fit in and read more about the areas you think you may need work on. We want to help you flourish in your work environment by giving you tips on how best to allocate your time on and where your thoughts are best spent.

And the top 10 qualities are:

  1. Ability to develop deep connections with IT business partners and customers

  2. Effective team-builder, recruiter, collaboration facilitator & can successfully evaluate talent

  3. Balance between focusing on efficiency and adding value to the business, while understanding that value means more than just the exchange of products and $$$

  4. Knowing how to innovate in the complex global market

  5. Stay up to date with the the information-based transition of traditional products

  6. Be aware of company competition and create competitive advantage

  7. Accelerate business through executive strategy and politics

  8. Make technology transparent and simple

  9. Be a strong and assertive professional leader

  10. A seamless fit with your corporate culture

Well? How did you do? Having 7 out of 10 qualities is good, but why not strive for them all! Click on the button below to read our whitepaper that goes more into depth on each quality. You have the execution skills. Now develop your vision.

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Originally published on August 01, 2013

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