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2 Web Inspector Tools You'd Better Be Using

2 Web Inspector Tools: Chrome & SnappySnippet | CloudbakersSome web application development projects require a thorough front-end design phase, where a designer evaluates the client’s requirements and expectations and proposes the ideal appearance and behavior of the system’s user interface. An in-depth design can be very valuable when it’s used to translate high-level and sometimes ambiguous concepts into a clear-cut development plan.

Not all development projects, however, design a brand new UI from scratch. Some projects may only intend to update the technology behind the app’s surface-level look and feel. For cases like these, developers have a plethora of useful tools to help them analyze and recreate another app’s styles.

Chrome’s Color Tool

You can find plenty of Chrome Extensions that allow you to sample the colors on a webpage, but not all of them are always 100% accurate. I recommend using the somewhat-hidden color inspector tool that’s already built in to Chrome. Right click on any object that you want to sample and click “Inspect Element.”

Inspect Element in Google Chrome | Cloudbakers

A pane will open in Chrome and the page’s original source HTML will be displayed under the “Elements” tab. The object that you’re inspecting is highlighted on the page, and its color is listed on the right under “Styles.” Clicking the colored square will open Chrome’s color picker tool, which provides additional options and functionality for exploring a webpage’s colors and styles.

Color Picker Tool in Google Chrome | Cloudbakers


Another handy styling tool is SnappySnippet. This free Chrome Extension allows you to quickly and easily generate CSS style code for any element. Simply inspect the element (as described above) and click “Create a snippet from inspected element” to generate the CSS for that particular element.

SnappySnippet Chrome Extension | Cloudbakers

You can also also see a rendered demo of the code snippet by clicking “Send to jsFiddle.”

Send to jsFiddle | Cloudbakers

It’s important to curate every detail when building an effective front-end. These tools make it easy to explore and analyze styles on any webpage, so that developers can better implement any design.

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Originally published on November 23, 2015

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