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2014 Work Resolutions: Business Culture, Gmail, Google Drive

While gearing up for 2014, we worked with Google to jumpstart a #WorkResolutions campaign. We not only wanted to encourage others to make goals for their 2014 work year, but we wanted to create some of our own. The Cloudbakers team was totally onboard with this and here are some of my favorites as well as what they mean to me.


Every company faces issues. It’s how those issues are handled that make businesses unique and successful. There will always be an easy way to fix an issue temporarily, but if you really want to fix something for the long term, it’s best to find the root of the problem and make a change.

Something as central and as necessary as email can be all it takes to motivate your employees, encourage team collaboration, and grow your business. The truth is, as big of a change as it is, cloud partners can make that transition easy and fun for the entire company.

As a Google Apps partner, it’s our mission to guide organizations through the email migration and leave employees with an excitement for using not only Gmail, but the entire suite of tools. These tools allow you to work the way you live, while making you efficient -- giving you more time to spend on adding value to your business.

Pinpoint your issues and focus on finding real solutions that will last.


The Cloudbakers team has always been living by these three words, but now we are focusing on them. We’re all hard workers and we love what we do. When you can be yourself and you’re comfortable in your work environment, you get more done and you do your job better.

Your work culture is everything. We believe if your people are happy, your clients will be too. When your team is successful, so are your clients (and vice versa). I encourage you to make a cultural resolution for your team this year.


I’m adding this resolution to my own list. Watching Alex on his computer is amazing because it seems like he never uses a mouse or keypad -- ever. He has memorized so many shortcuts that navigating his screen using his keyboard has become second nature to him.

As for me, I’m starting out with some more simple shortcuts to use within my inbox such as sending a message: command + Enter (or Ctrl + Enter for PC users). Just when I thought my email couldn’t get any easier to use, Gmail surprises me.


I think it’s only fair to share one of my own. This resolution came directly from an experience I had over this past Thanksgiving break. I was doing some work from home on my personal computer, and although I had Photoshop installed on both laptops, it took me twice as long to finish an image for the blog I was scheduling that day. Why? Because I didn’t save my Adobe files to my Google Drive. I recreated every image from scratch, when I could have selected the file from my Drive and simply added the finishing touches.

Unfortunately, I had saved those files to my work computer and that’s it. New solution: Automatically save to Google Drive. It’s a simple solution (all I had to do was redirect my saved files to my Google Drive folder instead of my desktop), but it was a necessary one. In 2014, I will continue to save time while working from wherever I want, whenever I want. I love that.

The new year is here and it’s not too late to make your own resolutions. Have any good ones? We want to hear them!

Originally published on January 02, 2014

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