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3 Habits that Make You Work Faster in Google Apps

Practice makes perfect.

The more you use Google Apps, the more you discover new tricks that minimize the time you spend doing simple tasks and make more time for you to focus on the important stuff. In one of our newsletters from earlier this year, we shared a blog that helped guide you to take control of your inbox and keep it clean -- maybe even empty!

Just about the entire Cloudbakers team now has their multiple inboxes activated and we are even more productive than we were before. After zoning in on my own work productivity, I’ve chosen 3 of my favorite ways (now habits) to get more done in less time and with less effort.

  1. Taking advantage of your Apps page. I like to think of it as a bookmark page with style. With one click on my bookmarks bar, I have a beautiful and clear page to choose from my most used applications. The images that show up here are extensions that you can add from the Chrome Web Store. You’re able to change the order of these anytime you want, and the list of applications to choose from seems endless. Go explore!

    Apps page in Google Chrome

  2. How often when you copy and paste text somewhere, does the format match the existing text in the document? It’s rare. If you’re like me, you’ve probably taken the time to (1) re-highlight everything pasted, and (2) change the font, (3) the text size, and (4) maybe even the color. There’s a better way. In Gmail and Google Docs, there’s an icon that makes this 4-step process a simple 2-step one. After you paste your copied text into a document, keep it highlighted and click the Tx button in the top right navigation. The unique formatting of your highlighted text will clear instantly, and your emails and documents will look consistent, neat and beautiful with little effort on your part.


  3. Lastly, here’s a simple one that I am almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve been doing. I usually have my Google Calendar setup so that I can see the week view. I’ve always used the big arrows to scroll my way over to view a date months from now, when all along, I could have used the arrows on the mini month calendar on the left side of the screen. When I click a date in the smaller calendar, my week view will pop up to those specific dates. Now I can find what I’m looking for in no time!
    Scrolling through Google Calendar
    Try them out and let me know what you think! One of the best parts about Google Apps for Business is the community it creates. I learn a little bit from one person, try it out for myself, and through the process, usually stumble upon something even greater! 

Originally published on March 20, 2014

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