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3 Rules for Choosing Sales Tools

Choose your tools wisely!

You are probably thinking, duh, a tool that makes us more money, multiplied by three, right? Well, yes, any tool that does just that, please do not hesitate to buy it, then contact me and tell me about it. Unfortunately, in the business world I’ve been immersed in, that just hasn’t been the case. There's a more pragmatic method, and don't worry, it still saves you money.

When working with one of my recent clients, we worked through a very simplified perspective that makes sense at the base level and turns out to be true for any CRM implementation or discussion I have ever been a part of. Here goes.

Top level comfort

You’ve heard it hundreds of times in any sales organization, especially when revenue is down. “What are our sales reps doing? They are obviously not selling!” Those are the dreaded words for any VP of Sales, Sales Manager, or Sales Representative. It’s understandable right? Most executives don’t have time to dig into all of the problems in the business; there are far more important things for them to do that provide value. They are, however, responsible for the businesses success, so it is very important to keep them informed throughout both the best and worst sales quarters.

The best way to do this is through high level reports. Showing off statistics of your top performers and drawing correlations on why sales are the way they are is what helps executives make the correct business decisions on where to make their next move. It also helps them perceive what might be the cause of a down quarter and how to prevent it. If you have solid reporting, you can be sure that the top level executives will find comfort in knowing that at least the team is in fact working and not out at the golf course all day (apologies for the sales generalization).

Help managers manage

Managers: the most organized, motivated, and responsible individuals in the company, right? You should always hope so. Any tool that a company looks into should make it easy to segment activity for managers. It is important for them to have the correct data to help each individual rep and territory effectively do their jobs. Even more importantly, to be able to organize that data. If any manager needs to use multiple tools to do the same task, there is never time for them to get ahead and dedicate their much needed expertise to those members that need it the most.

In-depth reporting is necessary for managers so that they can view how their teams are working on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. What’s also important is for managers to be able to set tasks for their representatives. In any organization, things need to get done and need to be monitored. Why not have this information all in one place so that the already busy managers aren't hopping from one tool to the next?

Most critically, it is necessary for the managers to analyze each rep's sales process and see where the reps may be falling short. The saying 'you cannot manage what you cannot measure' applies heavily here. Throughout sales, each deal is going to be a little bit different, but together, you will begin to notice patterns in each of your reps processes that need improvement. Once you have a tool that can gather this data, you are off to the quota races!

Enhance sales reps efficiency and quality

Sales reps performance can individually ruin small organizations. Multiple sales reps poor performances will ruin all organizations. The best tool for a sales rep is one that works with them, not against them. It is a tool that makes their day to day tasks move quickly throughout the process if they choose to follow it. It is a tool that will embrace their selling methods and broaden their strengths.

The best solution for this is a CRM system that directly fits the company's sales process and intertwines all aspects of the business to minimize the amount of data entry necessary for the company to complete a sale. This solution is one that is not only implemented to properly fit business efficiency, but is also properly perceived by the team and engrained in their everyday tasks. This solution is easy to use and provides the sales reps with the ability not only to keep themselves organized, but allows them to enter all the necessary items to amplify their success and create the reporting data necessary for all other aspects of the organization.

Do some research on your own, using these 3 rules as a starting point. When you have a couple of CRM options in mind, contact us directly and we'll give you our two cents. 


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Originally published on May 30, 2016

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