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3 Tips for Using Google Drive’s New Advanced Search

We all know that Google is based on the premise of search. Whether that is using its search engine to find information on the World Wide Web or narrowing down emails in your Inbox, Google makes it easy to find information relevant to you.

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Up until recently, Google Drive’s search tool was very basic. While one could use the search bar to browse for relevant files, having too broad of a search would return many, many files. One would have to know very specific information about the file to have it returned in a search to you. This is no longer the case.

Introducing the new and improved Drive search tool

The search tool in Google Drive has recently been updated to provide the same ease of searching for information throughout Google Apps. Trying to look for one file out of potentially thousands can be a difficult, annoying, and tedious task. Google Drive has now made it easier and the updates will save you loads of time.

Advanced Search in Google Drive | Cloudbakers

Search by a variety of file types

Drive now provides the option to search for many file types and even narrowing your search for folders only. Previously, it was only possible to find a few types of native Google files. With the new Drive search, finding both native and non-native Google files, as well as folders, can occur instantly.

Search Google Drive by File Type | Cloudbakers

Search by date modified

Want to access files that haven’t been touched or modified in ages? Or maybe you know the specific date range a file was last modified? While one would have to scroll through a long file list in the past to find out when files were last changed, Drive search now provides the option to search for files within a specific date range, similar to Gmail’s date range search.

Search Google Drive by Date Modified | Cloudbakers

Search by name of file, content within file, or file owner or collaborators

Previously, Drive search allowed for a word search which would return files for which the search content matched the file’s owner, file name, or simply content within that file. Drive now not only allows users to search for the file’s name and content within the file, but also for a specific file owner or collaborator.

Search Google Drive by Name, Content, Owner, Collaborators | Cloudbakers

Finding the content you need to access in Google Apps should not be an all-day chore. With these more advanced search options available in Google Drive, only the most relevant files you search for will be returned to you in a small list no matter how broad your search is. Similar to Google Web Search and Gmail, it has become very simple within Google Drive to find a single piece of content among many.


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Originally published on February 15, 2016

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