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5 Gifs to Self-Improve Your Efficiency in Zoho CRM

Using a CRM is all about habits – making the good habits stick and breaking the bad ones. If you do this in the right way, your CRM system will be more than just a drag of data entry, it will help you sell. Here’s a few quick ways to help you automate your Zoho CRM life, so you can spend more time selling (or more time on the beach) and less time entering unnecessary data entry into Zoho. After all, that’s what it’s all about right? Master these 5 habits for managing and updating your opportunities and leads to quickly begin working your way from avoiding nagging managers to become saying, “Dude, check the CRM”, when they ask for email updates. Let's get started...

1. Using macros to update lead status and schedule follow up

Many of us use Zoho to manage our leads and lead intake. For those of us that are working with several leads a day, it’s important to make sure that the “Lead Status” field is always up to date. It’s also important to schedule follow up tasks to make sure no opportunity falls through the cracks. Here’s a quick way to knock both of those off at once.


2. Use views to see all leads with tasks due today and overdue

Staying task oriented is especially difficult in sales as it is important to always be available. Multi-tasking is something that is almost impossible to get away from or eliminate. This makes it especially important to have an organized place to view all of your tasks for leads and act upon them accordingly. One of the great ways I’ve found to do this is creating filters within a view. You might even be able to use some of the macros from step one to make your life even easier here!



3. Quickly push your closing dates to next month

We’ve all heard our sales managers tell us to update our opportunities. After all, it’s important that the business can effectively understand what’s in the sales pipeline to better forecast and deliver operationally. It doesn’t change the fact that updating closing dates in any CRM is a pain. Here’s a quick way to push off your deals another 30 days quickly by using macros in Zoho CRM.



4. Update your opportunity next steps in a hurry

Adding to #3, it’s just as important to understand next steps for opportunities as it is to understand the closing dates. This is the easiest way to help your managers help you as a rep. Again, it’s an awful task to constantly keep your next steps up to date, but it’s extremely important. Here’s a quick way to go through all of your opportunities and update your next steps quickly, so you can FOCUS ON SELLING. (Make sure the next steps field is in your view, this involves Zoho’s Sheet View.)



5. Use macro to send follow up documents from your lead introduction calls

The lead intro call. Yes, it’s one of the most important calls to get introduced to your new opportunities, but this call also can require the most amount of follow up, but the least amount of movement into actual sales. Once you’ve completed the call, you typically have to send more information about the product for review from the client before they make the next move, and it takes some follow up from the sales reps perspective to make sure that there is effective communication with the client. Here’s a quick gif on how to quickly send post-call follow up documentation and create tasks to follow up in one quick sweep.


Remember, it's all about making good habits! If you are looking for CRM capabilities like these or want to learn more about building better business processes, reach out to Cloudbakers. We can help you define your customized strategy, configure and integrate your systems, as well as train your team. New to Zoho? Start a free trial here.

Until next time, happy selling!

Originally published on December 01, 2017

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