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5 Reasons Companies Are Upgrading to G Suite Business

G Suite Business | Cloud CollaborationMy favorite success story to date is from a Cloudbakers client. He spearheaded the movement to Google at his organization, and it wasn't long before this leadership was recognized. One day, his boss walked into his office and asked, “What can you do for us this year like you did with Google last year?” Our client’s reply was, “use more Google.” If you’re like the rest of us, you want more. What if I told you there is more?

G Suite Business is exactly what it sounds like is – a suite of tools specifically created for the business environment. You have unlimited email, unlimited file storage, unlimited possibilities. You can realize both hard and soft dollar benefits by upgrading, and as well as gain the following benefits for your mid-market organization:

Unlimited Storage

Never worry about quotas again. Save on those Dropbox, Box accounts and file server expenses. Be able to save time and money by using search and not ever having to purge your email box to get it under quota.

Security and Audit Controls

Advance audit capabilities to get the information you need to investigate breaches as well as the reports you need to proactively manage security trends and threats. These features can save a boatload of soft dollars if you have to investigate a breach and can save hard dollars on obsolete security tools and experts.

Archiving and eDiscovery

These tools are a de facto requirement for regulated industries and offer extreme peace of mind for all other industries. Archiving and eDiscovery, which make up Google Vault, are included in G Suite Business. Your organization can save hard dollars here by not having to buy 3rd party products to support these features, and can save soft dollars by saving labor and legal expenses that are required to gather this information during an investigation.

Product Roadmap and Futures

Google is putting all their product development and R&D efforts towards enhancing G Suite Business. We've experienced this already this year with releases like Springboard and the revamped Sites tool as well as the work they're doing to increase the DLP and file system nature of the product.

Extensibility through Open API’s & the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The openness of the G Suite Business (via Google's APIs) and industry standards allow you to bake your systems together in the cloud with a very predictable cost structure and methodology. Being able to leverage the GCP for your data storage needs at a very low price point, with high performance and minimal maintenance, is a huge benefit. Google is the leader in Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) reliability, performance, price and most importantly, resiliency.

This is why millions of organizations are choosing to trust Google with the tools they use to do business everyday. We suggest you take a look for yourself, calculating the hard and soft dollar savings by upgrading to G Suite Business. We've provided you with a template to get started:

 G Suite Pricing Calculator

Originally published on December 07, 2016

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