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6 Quick Tips for Crafting a Rockstar Resume

Ahh, the resume--a beautiful thing that can make or break your first impression with any company. My previous blog on Interview Tips gave insight on how to crush an interview, Take notes on awesome resume tips!but let’s back up a few steps because there are a few things you have to do in order to land the interview in the first place.

Ready? Pencils sharpened? Read on for a few pointers on how to look great on paper! 

Keep it on one page

I can’t stress this enough. The average recruiter spends a (very) limited amount of time when they initially glance over your resume--make sure you have relevant content that fits on one page to wow them at a glance!

Make it relevant

While this seems intuitive to some, this is often overlooked by applicants. With a one page limit, you have to be selective about what you include. High school babysitting jobs might not be relevant to your future in sales and marketing. Instead of dated and unrelated experiences, include classes, projects, associations and certifications that may boost your pertinence and likelihood of advancing to the next step. Bonus points for tailoring the language of your resume to match the actual job posting.

Caveat: Make sure it’s all true and have the evidence to back it up! If a recruiter or manager asks for evidence of a certification or project make sure you have that material easily accessible.

Don’t go bonkers on the formatting

Make your resume easy to read and have it flow from one section to the next. Keep in mind that while this is a very important piece in your professional portfolio, it isn’t meant to be a novel. Stick to precise and straightforward sentences. Utilize bullet points. Keep the organization of your resume consistent across the entire document. Often times, chronological organization is leveraged, sometimes expected. In my opinion, the most recent experience should be on top. And of course, check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors.

Check for Spelling Errors!

Make sure there is truthful substance to your resume

A recruiter can easily call B.S. during an interview. Don’t put yourself in a situation for disqualification simply for inflating your responsibility or experience level. Include things you worked on directly, can speak about intelligently, and give credit where credit is due. One of the biggest no-nos in crafting your resume is to fudge the truth--keep that in mind when working on yours.

Make it personal

If you have space, you can include hobbies or how you like to spend your free time. Edit your purpose or objective statement to read true to who you are both as a professional and as an individual. This sounds much easier than it actually is, and there is a difficult line to balance here. Be careful not to go overboard, but never hide who you are.

Review your resume, be knowledgeable, accountable

Be prepared to expand on any single sentence in your resume. Whatever the question, be ready to offer further insight to a recruiter or manager during an interview. Hint: Have a friend and career services professional help you review. They can quiz you, probe for elaboration, and may catch any spelling or grammatical errors you missed on your first, second, or third sweep. These types of errors are deadly for any kind of resume!

Follow these 6 quick tips for crafting your rockstar resume and you should be starting on solid ground. When you're ready, check out Cloudbakers' job postings here. Good luck on your job hunt and don’t forget to be authentic and be yourself (a motto we live and breathe by here at Cloudbakers)!


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Originally published on March 14, 2016

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