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6 Quick Tips To Unlock Your Team's Creative Potential With Jamboard

Have you been in a meeting where, at its conclusion, someone grabbed a phone to take a picture of the whiteboard? Is your team’s creativity limited to who is in the physical room? G Suite’s Jamboard solves these problems as teams are utilizing the interactive whiteboard for enhanced productivity and collaboration. If you are curious about the endless possibilities with Jamboard you came to the right place! Here are 6 ways to fast-track your Jam sessions to elite Jam-ness

Google Meet

Jamboard’s integration with Google Meet allows your team to collaborate from anywhere. Join calendar events, create new meetings and present your Jam to your colleagues on the go. The camera and microphone within the Jamboard allow for real time communication, so you and your team can be on the same page even when you’re not in the same place.  

Google Drive - Save & Share

All Changes saved in Drive. That sentence is a lifeline for anyone who has opened an important document only to find they forgot to save their work (ahem, me). With all Jam sessions saved to Google Drive, you won’t have to take that blurry picture of the whiteboard after an all-team meeting. You can even share retroactively to those colleagues who may have missed the meeting.

No Jamboard, No Problem

If your team does not currently have a Jamboard, not to worry because Google has you covered. Jamboard is not only a digital whiteboard, but a software, as well. Access and create a new Jam in the web browser through https://jamboard.google.com or download the application for iOS or Android. If your team is currently using the digital whiteboard, using the mobile application or web browser will only boost your team’s creativity. Share with colleagues  to collaborate in real time or add Google files directly into your Jam from Google Drive. 

Google Magic: Recognition tools

*Scribble Scribble Scribble. “Is that supposed to be an M or an N?” Jamboard’s recognition tools resolve the issue that we’ve surely all faced: decoding hieroglyphics on a whiteboard. Whether you need to write out a simple schedule or want to sketch out your city’s landscape, the recognition tools in Jamboard are your go to option. Make any handwriting, drawing, or sketch a clear and decipherable work of art.

Insert Images + Website

If you are looking for a simpler way of sketching out your city’s landscape...maybe say without drawing.... inserting content from Google will be your best friend on the Jamboard. Search images, web pages, and more with the toolbar located on the left side. Once you’ve found the perfect image, clip it and insert it directly into your Jam session. Bonus points: add in a checkmark or an exclamation emoji with that same toolbar to emphasize the image.

Keep on Jammin’

Unlike a traditional whiteboard, the Jamboard is not bound to its dimensions. With up to 20 different frames in a single Jam, there is no need to erase the progress you’ve made. While you’re editing frame one, co-collaborators can manage content and generate ideas on frames two through twenty. No need to fight for the pen either, with browser and mobile access, all can edit simultaneously. Simply click the menu located at the top of the board and toggle to the frame you wish to edit.

These six quick tips will allow your team to use your Jamboard more effectively and efficiently. If your team hasn’t had the chance to utilize the digital whiteboard yet, be sure to download the iOS and Android app to start familiarizing yourself with all Jamboard has to offer. Good luck out there Jammers and keep on Jammin’.

Originally published on June 16, 2020

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