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9 Things That Should Be On Your Cloud Solution Providers' Desk

It’s no surprise that employees working at a quickly growing company wear many hats – hats that in another environment might not be worn. But that’s what brings me to work everyday. I’m a marketer who loves having a piece in account management where I get to keep the conversation going with clients. I get to be a pseudo partner manager at times and try to fit in the title of Cloudbakers hype girl, getting our team involved in beach volleyball, movies in the park, trips to the ice skating ribbon (and the occasional after work Chipotle dinner).

At the end of the day, I want to look back and know that everything I did had some benefit to our clients – whether it’s a direct answer or discussion with the client and/or prospect or internally helping build the Cloudbakers culture we already have so that we continue to be excited to come to work everyday. Some of the secrets lie in my physical workspace. What am I surrounding myself with day to day (at home or in the office)?

Below is a snapshot of my desk: Please read the descriptions to see why each is critically important.

A Marketing Desk | Cloud Certifications, Awards, Company Pride & More

  1. Clients: The best place to start is with a group picture of coworkers and clients, taken at Cloudbakers’ Client Appreciation event at the Racetrack in Chicago. Our team is passionate about turning projects into partnerships, and appreciate spending time with them outside of the office.

  2. Package Offerings: Here specifically is a chart for the different Zoho solutions Cloudbakers offers. Despite the uniqueness of every project (within either the email & collaboration, CRM, or app dev speace), a good partner should have the experience and knowledge to create meaningful packages to support your transition to the cloud. These packages should not only cover the technical aspects of your project, but the change management work as well. Without change management, it’s highly unlikely that your team can be at 100% productivity on day one.

  3. Certifications (these certificates sat on my desk for far too long, sorry team!): Chances are if the team you’re working with doesn’t have these certifications, they probably are not recognized as a Premier or top cloud solution partner in the industry. When researching the right partner for your organization, ask about these certifications (team-wide) to make sure you’re getting the best of the best from the sales process though the entire technical and support experience.

  4. Vitamins/Ammo (or another healthy alternative): What are you doing to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape? As our values state, we strive to advance in work and in life – and Cloudbakers as a company contributes to that ambition through health and educational incentives year after year.

  5. Industry Leadership: Here I am with co-worker and marketing extraordinaire, Harry Crane, in an event photobooth. HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference is one of many conferences (others include Zoholics, AGC, HIMSS, etc.) in our focus industries that we attend each year. This September, Cloudbakers will be back at INBOUND as sponsors of one of the most inspirational and educational business movements in the Nation!

  6. Proof of Growth and Stability: Cloudbakers hits the Inc. 5000 list again as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Aside from the award recognition, we’re even more excited to be expanding the team itself, both in terms of hiring more members as well as expanding across the country. Next time you hear from me on the ‘Crumbs from the Cloud’ blog, I’ll be working from Seattle.

  7. Company Pride: I was given this water bottle the first time I met the Cloudbakers team (and at that time was still working for Disney). It’s followed me around for over 3 years and I’m not planning on letting it go anytime soon! If you can’t recognize the passion for technology through your service provider's actions, voice, and/or solutions, you might not be working with the right one.

  8. Latest Technology: Okay, so the desktop phone isn’t what’s innovative here (to be honest, I rarely pick up the handheld device). Instead, I’m usually either taking calls on my cell phone or computer, which can easily allow me to transfer that call back over to this bulky phone if I decide to have a different set-up midway through a conversation. DialPad keeps my business number separate and secure from my personal cell phone line, and integrates with the other cloud products I use so that I know all the recent emails, collaboration documents, and events I have going on with the person on the other end of the phone. Just when you thought the cloud ended at email, CRM and mobile applications...we bring in the phone.

  9. Practice Of What They Preach: Here I am working on an eBook in Google Slides. (Side Note: Adobe is awesome – and has a cloud version – but it just takes a lot of time to create something that I can also do from a simple presentation format in Google Apps.)

Marketing is my full-time role. When I’m trying to balance strategy, content generation, website design, social media, webinar orchestration (and video editing for the online recordings), paid ads, sales support, event planning, and the list of other responsibilities, I need tools that keep up with the pace at which my mind is moving. I need tools that I can use wherever and whenever an idea pops into my head. As an end user, I need to be productive. And in the shoes of my IT guy, I need security. What has both? Cloud.

Want to see the job Google Apps does as my design tool? Download the eBook I mentioned above:

Environment Review Checklist for Cloud Migrations

Originally published on September 02, 2016

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