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A Company Mission that Begins and Continues with the Client

Customer centricity is a goal that most businesses strive to obtain. There’s not necessarily a recipe for achieving this goal, as every business model is unique and, of course, so are their clients. That being said, our journey has provided useful insights every step of the way. As we grow and learn, we are realizing that true customer centricity consists of genuine responses to the issues your customers express. Our most recent cusomter interactions have called for some exciting changes.

Becoming customer centric

Passion and Drive to be Customer Centric | CloudbakersA CRM, whether it be Salesforce, Zoho, or Dynamics, is one of the best places to start on your journey to becoming customer centric. The mere idea of using technology to manage customer relationships is inherently customer centric in nature. But you can’t just stop there. Once you have the right technology in place, the next step is interacting, albeit via aforementioned technology, in a personable, human manner. Humans want to be treated like humans. If you have the drive and passion to be human with your clients, you will find success in relating to their needs and helping them truly find a solution.

Our clients and our team (extending to Partners) continue to be the two most important things to us at Cloudbakers. Interacting with them in a human way is what keeps us true to the mission that started Cloudbakers way back in 2010.

A brief history

For those of you who haven’t heard the story, Mitch Greenwald, Founder of Cloudbakers, was CIO of a $400M company. During a time where he was asked to do more with less, he did his due diligence, knew the cloud was the way to go, but couldn’t find a partner in the area to help him move the organization to the cloud. Ready for a change in pace, he saw this as an opportunity to provide these services to others just like him: CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, Directors of IT, even Sales Managers who were in need of assistance when they had plenty on their plates already. Using the humanistic approach every step of the way, Mitch built this company on his savings and an idea, and here we are today.

Through the years, we’ve seen so many companies succeed with Google Apps specifically. We continue to use it ourselves and it’s perfect for the culture we’ve created. As we’ve grown, we’ve gained a following of people who appreciate the services we provide and want that same born-in-the-cloud mindset and human touch, but with more products that just the ones we offer.

As a team, we had a choice to make. Turn companies away because they didn’t want a specific product, or expand our Partner relationships and offer more products. We chose the second.

Moving forward

Our recent partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to open our offerings to include both Office 365 and Dynamics (MS CRM Online), two more products in the areas of business we know best. It’s been an amazing onboarding experience. And the most rewarding part? Hearing such positive feedback from our clients. Whether they are Google or Microsoft fans, they’ve been very supportive of the decision and know that our main mission will stay the same: Bring the human element to technology. We’ll turn users into evangelists and projects into partnerships – no matter what brand they prefer.

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Originally published on October 30, 2015

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