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A New Look & Feel For Cloudbakers

Our new brand identity came to life faster than ever with the help of some of our favorite technology partners: G Suite, BetterCloud, HubSpot, and Zoho.

It seems like just yesterday that we sported our light blue, dark blue, and orange colors across our office walls and website. If you haven’t checked out the new site, it’s time to take a look!

Earlier this year, Cloudbakers embarked on a journey to reinvent the way we tell our Google Cloud and Zoho story without re-defining who we are (we’re still your smiley cloud folks). We wanted our website to be informative, visually crisp, and show off our personalities. Yesterday, we officially announced our brand new identity, updated logo, and redesigned website.

Cloudbakers by the numbers

By the Numbers: What all went into making this branding transformation possible?

1 HubSpot Portal

HubSpot has been a long-time friend of ours. Their platform is at the center of everything we do in marketing and what helps us give our online interactions the same care that we’re able to give our clients face-to-face. Leveraging a Zoho integration enables every ‘Baker to personalize communication so that the right people get the information they desire.

2 Master Templates

How do you ensure brand consistency? It’s not about spot checking every piece of content that ‘Bakers send outside of our organization; it’s about giving our team the tools and freedom to create their own collateral for our clients so they can do what they do best: customize cloud solutions. With a brand new letterhead and master deck template added to our Google Docs Template Gallery and Slides Template Gallery in G Suite, our team now has a head start on any content they create.

4 Offices Contributing Creativity

Cloudbakers headquarters is in Chicago and part of our marketing department is in our Denver office. Our branding agency is also in Chicago, while our website development team is in Florida. Despite the distance, we had all the right cooks in the kitchen to successfully reach project outcomes. But what good is having all the right people if they can’t collaborate effectively? Read on for the real nuts and bolts of the project.

8 Signature Options

Let’s circle back to consistency. Cloudbakers used to send an email asking our team to copy and paste specially designed signatures into their own Gmail settings. Now, our admins create and manage a single template using a BetterCloud feature that automates signatures across our entire organization; even new ‘Bakers on their first day will have a current signature. We can customize these signature templates based on department and add important call-to-actions (CTAs) at a moments notice.

16 Walls That Need To Be Repainted in Chicago HQ

Our story doesn’t stop with our website. The culture within our walls brought this website to life and it’s time to bring this new look back into our Cloudbakers home.

32 Calls via Google Meet

Whether it’s a quick weekly check-in or full-fledged creative session, Google’s video conferencing solution gave us the face-to-face time we needed to stay on track and push forward. Join via the web or by phone? ✓ Screen share? ✓ Recording? ✓

64 Google Docs

Collaborating on notes, sharing plan documents, scheduling calls, developing page drafts and presentations would not have been possible without G Suite’s Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These were essential tools for bringing this website to life. This number easily could have tripled had we not been able to collaborate, view revision history, and pick up where we left off from any device, anywhere, at any time.

A lot goes into to any transformation, not just a website. Whether it’s a new email platform, CRM, or proprietary application, digital transformations are an endeavor. Having the right team and the right process is crucial in making your solution right for you. Get to know us!

Originally published on November 15, 2019

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