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A Wizard At Work: What if Harry Potter had gone Google?

Jump aboard the Hogwarts Express to see how Harry Potter uses G SuiteIn the spirit of October, with Halloween right around the corner, we thought we’d bring to light a favorite character of ours – one you might see at your door trick-or-treating, or maybe one that you’re carving into the face of a pumpkin – Harry Potter. This season, we’ve decided to equip our own version of Harry with G Suite in order to demonstrate how a few key features could drastically change the face of business productivity and efficiency in your own world. So let’s jump aboard the Hogwarts Express; how would have Harry’s adventures changed if G Suite had been brought into the Wizarding World, and simultaneously, how could Google improve your business?

Task One: Mastering Time and Space

Harry and Ron are struggling in Potions class, and decide that they must schedule a group study session in the morning if they want to have any hope of passing the ruthless examination. But before they meet, they need to make sure that they have an available room in Hogwarts, a slot of time they’re both available, and a couple reminders so it’s impossible for them to forget. Google Calendar would make all of this and more possible for the boys. If Hogwarts had added resources to its Google Calendar, such as rooms, students would be able to see their availability and even book a time slot from their personal computers. Furthermore, if Harry and Ron’s admin enabled their calendars to be public within the organization domain, Harry could quickly compare schedules and send an email invitation to Ron for a time when they both (and a room) would be available. Harry could even line up as many notifications as he’d need to get himself to the cram session on time.

Harry Potter & G Suite's Suggested Times Feature

Task Two: The Magic of Google Groups

When Harry is done studying with Ron, he rushes over to his Quidditch practice, which does not go as well as he expected. As captain of the team, Harry notices some outstanding problems that his team really needs to work on, but he sees that they are too tired to talk about the issues directly after practice. He lets them go home, and decides to send a follow up email instead. It’s too much effort to manually input the many names, but luckily, Harry created a Group in Contacts last week! He now merely types “Quidditch Team” into the recipient section of the email, and every single member of the team will be included in the message. Harry saved himself the hassle of having to go through the list of his teammates, look up everyone’s email, and enter them individually.

Much to Harry’s surprise, his fellow Quidditch players immediately respond to his email; they also feel practice went poorly and want to discuss further. Suddenly Harry starts getting a large influx of chats via Google Hangouts and figures it would be better to start an impromptu video chat session with the group. He quickly adds the active teammates into a video call and gets to talking strategy in the same moment.

Google Calendar Event Scheduling (Harry Potter style)Task Three: Thwarting a Thief

At the end of his busy day, Harry decides to cap it off by heading down to Three Broomsticks to surf the internet over a cold mug of butterbeer. He ends up having a lovely chat with Hermione about magical creatures, and walks back to Hogwarts with her. The moment he steps foot in his room, he remembers he forgot his Chromebook at the pub! After searching high and low, it’s nowhere to be found. His account logged in on this computer has loads of top secret information in it, and it’s imperative that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Even with 2-step verification enabled, Harry knows he should disable the computer remotely, and begrudgingly does so, knowing it’s for the best as no one was able to access the information. After signing onto his console at home, with the few clicks of a button, Harry is able to lock his device, and secure his Chromebook from prying eyes.

Harry Potter & the Remote Wipe

*      *      *

Throughout the course of this day, Harry has saved himself a great deal of time and energy by utilizing the tools that G Suite offers millions of businesses today – and there’s still so much more to uncover! By getting your team together with a solution strategist to discuss processes and where your inefficiencies lie, you can unlock the door to magical productivity.

About the Author: Tara Dobbs is a student intern and cloud evangelist interested in marketing/educating businesses on productivity.

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Originally published on October 28, 2016

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