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Are You Solution-Driven by Nature?

Problem Solving (probably could still have a smile on)Is problem solving something you learn or something you're born with? I'm not sure. Probably both, but I do know that with a little passion behind it, you can create some incredible changes that benefit individuals time and time again, and even multiply the success of entire organizations. My favorite part of working at Cloudbakers is being surrounded by people that are constantly problem solving. They do it well – extremely well – and it shows through our 99% success rate as a company. Clients return for more projects, more solutions, and it's exciting that we can provide a full range of services from something like choosing your email platform, to building brand new revenue streams through application development. 

Solutions come in many shapes and sizes and what makes us successful is that we build such a deep relationship with our clients; that the solution fits them, not just the masses. We don't settle for the same project scope twice. Instead, we dig in to the way their team operates. What kind of training will they respond to best and what will make the most impact when they use the cloud product we migrate them to? It will never be the same for every company.  

This sort of repeatability is good. When we are put to the test to problem solve daily, we get better at building better solutions. Hundreds of those solutions later, I think it does become ingrained. 

When you can't stop thinking of better ways to do... anything  

My roommate gave me a ride to work this morning (today, marking my third year as a Cloudbaker), and she asked me to write the date down on her parking pass. I went ahead and wrote "4/22/2016," but ever since I switched over to typing as my main form of writing, I find more and more my hand-written work turning from print to cursive in the middle of a word. Unfortunately my numbers followed suit. It looked a little something like this: 

Earth Day | April 22

I didn't think my change in '2's would have been a problem, but a few weeks ago my roommate got a parking ticket from the City of Chicago using a pass just like this, where you physically write the date in the top left corner.

Chicago Parking Pass

Now paranoid about how she writes the date, my '2's were unacceptable to her. I thought to myself, "how does no one else have this issue? This is absurd!" If drivers are getting tickets because the Chicago parking police have to observe one of these long enough to see through someone's handwriting (either because it's plain bad handwriting or because people try to change the numbers and get another day out of the pass), why don't they just change the system? 

Cloudbakers could probably build an app for that (but that's beside the point). 

With the same size paper, they could print the full month calendar and have drivers circle the number date they plan to park in the lot. There's no discrepancy in handwriting that way, and if the police are currently afraid of people reusing these passes, they'll worry no more. It might even make them more money in the end. When a driver circles a date, there's no erasing that date to circle a new one. 

*     *     *

Enough of the parking story (hope you liked it). My point is, if you are someone who has that mentality – if you see issues and are instantly motivated to find a solution – read these job postings. Posted yesterday, we are looking for another Baker for our Business Development Team. Working here, you will be surrounded by incredible problem solvers, and people who help other people love work and the tools they use at work. 

Today is my third year anniversary at Cloudbakers. I was amazed by my team of 5 when I started, and I'm blown away everyday now after we've more than tripled in size. We've done this while keeping our unique culture and true dedication to clients and custom solutions. Cheers to the entire team and our quest to grow another Baker!

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Originally published on April 22, 2016

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