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Benefits of Attending a Google Apps Event

This month, Cloudbakers is hosting three events to give business leaders the opportunity to dive into the #1 cloud business email platform.  At each event, guests are able to see, first hand, the features that make Google Apps for Business unique and necessary for company success.

                                   Madison-Stop   Milwaukee   Chicago

There are answers to 5 big questions that every attendee should be able to walk away with. This type of event allows decision-makers to critically analyze the way they currently work and aquire the knowledge to make their organizations more efficient, productive and collaborative.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, one of these events should be the next thing added to your calendar.

How do I...

  1. Mitigate challenges my IT team faces?

  2. Productively leverage the cloud?

  3. Avoid mistakes I made / deadlines I missed?

  4. Generate an ROI on technology?

  5. Stay on track with proven technology trends?

Asking these questions and being able to provide the answers to the rest of your leadership team is a responsibility. Furthermore, putting actions to those answers will make you the hero of the meeting, hero of the year, and the reason for your company's long-term growth and success. Below is a quote from one of our clients that explains just how making those decisions affected him.

"My CEO was so thrilled with the results of our Google Apps rollout, that he asked me, 'What could you do this year, like we did with Google Apps last year?'"

This company's decision to migrate to Google Apps for Business was a big one, but by far made the most impact on moving the company forward. They are now able to spend more time on technology projects that actually add value to the organization as a whole, save money and even use email as a competitive advantage. If you're still wondering what his answer was to the CEO, he replied, "let's use more of the features and tools that we already have with Google Apps." It's truly a gift that keeps on giving!


Originally published on April 03, 2014

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