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Congratulations Staff Management on Winning TekTonic Award for Workforce Innovation!

HRO-TekTonic-award-software-SaaSFirst of all, we want to give a huge congratulations to a leading workforce management provider, Staff Management. This is truly a company that's doing things right! They recently received the 2013 HRO Today TekTonic Award for their StaffTrack software.  By receiving the TekTonic award, they are recognized as true leaders in human resources technology for their innovative contributions.

We at Cloudbakers also feel honored to know that our founder, Mitch Greenwald, was a great contributor in getting the system going and stabilizing the software.  As a previous CIO for Staff Management, Mitch has proven his technology expertise and we are lucky to have him leading our team.

Concentrate on what makes you special - not what doesn't.

These are types of projects that companies should be focusing on.  In so many cases, we see companies spending too much time dealing with email, collaboration, and CRM issues. Instead, smarter use of that time would be spent adding value to the business-and maybe even winning great awards like the TekTonic. SaaS products such as Google Apps and Zoho can allow your company to do just that! They can help you be more efficient in the way you collaborate and help you to work the way you live.

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Originally published on May 10, 2013

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