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Building A Simple Sales Process Using Zoho CRM

Setting up a sales process for your sales team can be a long, arduous operation. Simply imagining what that process looks like can be tough. To make it easier, we came up with a mock services company – we’ll call them “Blue Consulting” – to help show what a typical end user and customer lifecycle experience is like using Zoho.

Blue Consulting (Blue for short) is a business services company that offers implementation for software. While they do not create the software itself, they maintain the configuration for it and ensure best use cases for their customers. Below is a diagram showing a simple inbound lead and sales process that we’ll walk you through, step-by-step.



Companies have many different types of ways to bring leads in for their sales people. In this case, Blue will bring in a lead via a website chat.

When a potential customer goes to Blue’s website, hopefully they will look around at the services they provide and maybe the packages that they sell. The visitor may have questions about the services being offered or something entirely unique. Luckily, they can contact live reps on the site by utilizing the chat feature on the bottom right side of the page. Blue can also automate the chat queue and built-in chat bot feature so a representative doesn’t have to try and talk to tens or hundreds of people at once. 

Blue’s inbound lead representative will continue the conversation with the lead, asking any follow up questions they may have in order to qualify the lead for a conversation with the sales representative. Once the inbound lead representative is done with the qualification, the lead is then assigned to the sales representative in the respective territory and the information gained throughout the conversation is already noted inside the CRM in the Leads module.

Below are screenshots showing what the interface looks like for the inbound lead representative and sales representative:




With the lead information stored in the Leads module, the sales representative can reference the individual’s lead score and/or their interaction on the website to gain insight as to what they might be looking for. With this information readily available, the sales representative can bypass the discovery questions, and thus, making the sale quicker than before. Next step: conversion (see screenshot below).



Up to this point, we’ve created a lead from the website visit/chat and converted them into a Contact (screenshot above). With the conversion into a Contact, an Account (Company) was also created. If Blue’s sales representatives are working with multiple people from an organization, they can go to the Accounts module to keep track of who has been contacted. If/when the converted contact or contacts need to be spoken with again, the sales representative can pick up right where they left off based on continued notes taken in the CRM.


Process complete ✓. Laying out a sales process is one thing, having the tools to coincide with that process (and getting your team to adopt those tools) is another.


Cloudbakers helps hundreds of companies like Blue Consulting make processes like this one, and more complex ones, come to life. We start by understanding your business, work together to build a strategy, execute that strategy with years of Zoho experience, and train your team to successfully adopt the platform.

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Originally published on April 28, 2020

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