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Chrome for Meetings is Here!

As if Hangouts weren’t already exciting enough, Google officially announced yesterday that you can now get Chromebox for Meetings in your very own office. The new Chromebox will take conference rooms to the next level, while enhancing the Hangout experience for every participant. Powered by Chrome OS, we are sure to expect the high quality of speed, security and simplicity that we have relied on within the entire Google Apps suite.

The four devices that will change the way you meet:

Setting up your conference room takes minutes. What makes it so easy? Chromebox for Meetings comes with all the essentials.

Chromebox for Meeting | Devices

All you need is the display screen. Once you’ve got that, you can turn any area into a conference room.

What makes a Chromebox meeting better than any other conference call?

Its integration with Google Apps makes Chromebox so simple to use. It only takes one click on the remote to jump into the meeting. You don’t need a password, you don’t need to dial in any numbers and there are no leader PINs. You can add up to 15 participants, and a Chromebox on their end isn’t required.

Google has created this package of specific devices to create the best experience for your team. The camera can switch resolution automatically based on available bandwidth, is complete with an autofocus lens and corrects your image in low-light conditions. The microphone has a built-in DSP for speech clarity and the remote control is equipped with a full QWERTY keypad on the back. These features among the many are what keep you looking like a Google Hangout rockstar among your team, peers, and clients! Chromebox for meetings is yet another way to live productively, work efficiently, and add value to your business.

We are focused on an all-encompassing Google solution for our clients and even within our own company. Chromebox for meetings has given Cloudbakers another way to Go Google. Talk to us about how you can dive into the Chromebox experience too!

Originally published on February 07, 2014

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