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CLaaS: G Suite Users' Favorite Learning Tool

Your users have a thirst for knowledge and you want the most out of your technology investment. Cloudbakers knows the importance of change management in a cloud transition, which is why we have a dedicated Adoption Team that is focused on delivering the best training and resources to end users, executive teams, and admins alike.

For G Suite users specifically, Cloudbakers has seen success in Continuous Learning as a Service – what we like to simply call “CLaaS”. We developed the CLaaS platform to constantly deliver relevant content, and as a result, we’ve seen increases in job satisfaction and workplace productivity for our clients who are using Google Cloud.

The CLaaS platform consists of self-paced learning paths, video tutorials, G Suite resources and more. It is updated with new content monthly, which will keep your users up to speed with Google’s pace of innovation.

Today, we are excited to introduce two new CLaaS learning paths:

Google Drive Learning Path

This 4-part learning path is designed to get your users comfortable with their Google Drive account. The learning path is self-paced, so they can skip ahead and repeat the lessons as often as they want.

At the end of the course, they will be able to:

  • Add files or folders to Drive
  • Track down content using search
  • Create brand new Google files
  • Share files with colleagues and adjust sharing permissions
  • View document details and revision history
  • Convert non-native files to a Google file type

Throughout the course, users can watch videos, answer practice questions, and review other resources to teach them about the various parts of Google Drive.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Learning Path

This 3-part learning path is designed to teach users about the many different ways that machine learning and artificial intelligence are used throughout G Suite, including:

  • Smart Compose and Smart Reply in G Suite
  • Setting goals in the Google Calendar app
  • Asking questions about your data in Google Sheets
  • Viewing recommended layouts for your content in Google Slides

This learning path is also self-paced, allowing users the ability to skip ahead to whichever topics are of most interest to them.

To learn more about CLaaS and enable your users with a continuous learning portal, start a discussion with Cloudbakers.

Originally published on January 23, 2019

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