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Cloudbakers Sponsors Google Cloud Next ‘19

Cloudbakers is bringing their expertise on best-of-the-best cloud solutions to the conversations at Google Cloud Next ’19, April 9–11. As a team of tech-savvy specialists who often support internal Google training on G Suite and GCP, Cloudbakers is proud to be sending subject matter experts in all 17 tracks of the event’s curriculum.

Cloudbakers’ all-in approach as a Google Cloud Premier Partner has fueled their success in areas including Smart Analytics, Infrastructure Modernization, Workplace Transformation, and their specialty, Application Development. They’ll be leveraging this knowledge to serve as Next-goers’ wingperson in the cloud, helping attendees identify the most effective ways to use Google Cloud and successfully integrate these solutions into their existing environment and culture.

Cloudbakers also uses Google Cloud Next as an opportunity to keep their entire team up to speed on the latest and greatest from Google. While a third of the team takes part in certification exams to bump their knowledge to the next level, the rest are attending sessions, brainstorming with clients, meeting with Googlers and learning anything and everything that will help them deliver a wide array of tailored solutions to customers.

This is all par for the course for Cloudbakers. The team’s 100% commitment to Google Cloud means their solutions pull from the most efficient infrastructure to generate the highest level of ROI for their clients. As Google Cloud experts, Cloudbakers’ specialty in cloud migration and adoption makes them consultants, creators and teachers ready to transform businesses—and make happier employees, too.

Meet Cloudbakers at booth #S1509 during Google Cloud Next ‘19 for a quick game of "Cloudagories" (similar to what you know as Jeopardy).

Then, join the team of partners on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 for Happy Hour.

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Originally published on March 29, 2019

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