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CRM Homepage Customization For The Sales Executive

Work from anywhereWake up in the morning, commute to the office (or for those of you remote folks, walk on over to your kitchen table) and start up your laptop. How long does it take you to find out exactly what's in your pipeline? Do you have to open several windows or spreadsheets to find the day's task and activities?

If it takes you more than a single click — make that two if you count opening your browser — it's taking you too long. Bring all your information together in one, easy-accessable place. If you're already using a CRM Platform, you're off to a great start. Just signing up for the service, though, isn't enough.

To make your CRM work the best for you, I ask you to take four minutes out of your busy day to update and customize your CRM homepage. You might be surprised that after those four minutes, your day doesn't seem so busy afterall. Platforms, such as Zoho CRM, have a drag and drop functionality that will make this process as easy as possible for you. When completed, know who to call, when to call them, and easily see your activities the second you log on, everyday.

This video will show you how:

Video by Priyanka Patel

Close more deals in less time with Zoho CRM

Originally published on March 17, 2015

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