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Don't Be Nickel and Dimed by Your Cloud Service Provider

PennyAn elderly woman was choking on a penny. As she gasped for air and attempted to dislodge the coin, a man in a suit appeared from the shadows and quickly performed the heimlich. The woman turned to the man in the suit and said “Thank you doctor.” The man in the suit laughed as he bent down to grab the penny and responded “I’m not a doctor. I work for Microsoft.”

For those of you that have felt the sting of a three year contract, mandatory upgrades, and random audits; it’s time to move on! Google Apps for Business offers clean cut, cost efficient pricing (not to mention better partners to work with...cough cough). At $50 per user/year, you can be locked into your cloud experience. There are no rage enhancing products, services, or sales on cloud Google. Say goodbye to the Slippy-Flippies, Jelly Stingers, Tricky Sticks, Bing Bangs and Flying Willards those Microsoft reps have been trying to sell you and join the real party.

Money is really not what Google Apps is all about. Instead, Google focuses on the transformation. While Microsoft is busy sending their procurement team after your accounting department, Google is busy developing cars that drive themselves, bringing internet to your household appliances, developing wearable technology, and delivering networks to underdeveloped countries via a hot air balloon. Google takes this same transformation concept and infuses it into Google Apps! New features are released weekly, feedback is graciously accepted from all, and Google Partners go the extra mile to pull it all together.

The bottom line is that technology should improve your business (big or small). It should add value, instead of taking it away. By making your transition to the cloud with the right people, you do just that.


Alan-bio-blogAuthor Bio: Alan Miller is our Cloud Deployment Engineer. He is always eager to complete challenging tasks and participate in unique projects. Follow him on G+.

Originally published on January 16, 2014

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