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Everything You Need to Know About Google App Engine In Less Than 4 Minutes

Make impossible possible with custom applications on Google App EngineDeveloping custom applications, whether it’s for clients or for your own organization, can be time consuming and inefficient. Here at Cloudbakers, we utilize a series of tools that help ease the development process of creating these custom applications and today, I am going to focus on how to get up and running on Google App Engine. In later blogs, I will focus on other areas of the Google Cloud Platform.

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine (GAE) is one of the many services Google provides as part of their Google Cloud Platform. It provides a fully-managed application platform for developers to create a web or mobile application. They offer a variety of languages and popular frameworks to make the development process easy. This year, Cloudbakers became an official member of the Google Cloud Platform, which means we now also partner with Google on the App Engine side of business to create the applications you want and need.

What does fully managed mean for Google App Engine?

One of the best features of GAE is that it will automatically horizontally scale.

Horizontal scaling that requires no infrastructure management

This means that when your website starts to get a lot of traffic, GAE will spin up new instances of that application. As an engineer, this is great! I don’t have to worry about traffic splitting and starting new servers because GAE handles that all for me. Additionally, it will turn off instances that are not serving any traffic to save resources and money. Even though GAE is fully managed, you need to specify how your application will vertically scale. This means you need to set certain memory limits in your application so that App Engine will class of servers to use to serve your app. That’s the easy part.


GAE is extremely cost efficient. In fact, you can host a pretty serious application for less than a dollar a day. What? It’s true – less than a dollar a day! Let’s start with the quota that Google provides. Your application has a total of 28 free front-end instances hours per day. Wait, huh? That’s right, 28 in a day. The reason that you have 4 more hours than there are in a day is because your application might be serving more than one instance, which would result in more hours being used. For a static site or personal website, there is a 99% chance that it will cost you nothing to run! Storage-wise, using the built in Datastore (No-SQL storage option), is very inexpensive.

Google App Engine is a great tool that we use to help aid the prototyping, development, and delivery of our custom applications at Google. They provide top-notch services at a cost that businesses can afford. If you’re interested in hearing more about our Custom Development or Google Apps, please reach out!

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Originally published on October 23, 2014

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