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Extending Zoho CRM with Custom Functions

How to: Drag and drop custom functions with Zoho Deluge scripting

Using a CRM with Custom Functions | CloudbakersThis tutorial is designed for individuals getting started with CRM custom functions, specifically in Zoho CRM.

One of the major problems with many CRM systems is that for the sales rep, CRM systems can bog down your work and force you to spend more time doing data entry than actually completing the tasks that add value to your job. Another problem is that manual data entry is much more subject to errors, false information, and poor maintenance. For both sales managers, marketing coordinators, and sales reps, this can turn into a nightmare when trying to scale your company or analyze your past, present, and future sales efforts.

So what's the solution to this problem? Custom Functions.

Prior experience:

  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • Ability to follow instructions, click a mouse, hold mouse button, drag mouse to desired area, and drop deluge script in proper location

Wanted audience:

  • Zoho CRM Administrators
  • Technically Savvy Business Owners
  • Audacious Zoho Users

In the following example, I am going to walk you through the simple task of changing information relating to contacts within a specific organization in which a deal has just been signed with you. The overall purpose of the tutorial is to give you a script that updates all contacts associated to an account whom has just had a closed won potential, with the status of “Customer.”

Here is a basic breakdown of how the script will work:

  1. Create or update a Potential that has the Account field populated. (Because of Zoho’s flexibility in naming conventions, the account module could be renamed to “Company,” “Manufacturers,” “Organizations,” etc.)

  2. Set the Potential Stage to “Closed Won”

  3. Update all Contacts associated to the current account to “Customer”

Deluge code snippet:

//Remember, you will have to create a parameter named “accountID” used in line 1 below
relatedContacts = zoho.crm.getrelatedrecords("Contacts","Accounts",accountID.toString(),1,200);
info relatedContacts;
for each contact in relatedContacts

updateMap.put("Contact Type","Customer");
updateResponse = zoho.crm.updaterecord("Contacts",contact.get("CONTACTID"),updateMap);

Now let's see it in action!

Have any questions or want to learn more? Please leave a comment below or email info@cloudbakers.com to get connected with an expert. Thanks for watching!

Originally published on May 08, 2015

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