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From Gmail Lab to Integrated Feature | How to Search Your Inbox the Right Way

It's no secret that Google is constantly updating their platform for us. With a press of the refresh button, we're using the most up-to-date features and becoming more and more productive by the minute. Here's something to look forward to in 2015.

Google Search Results will include Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides, Calendar Events & G+ information

Last year, we wrote a post focused on personalizing your Gmail account. Aside from changing the theme of your inbox and adding a new background image, Google Labs provides us with a way to add features that actually help us be more productive. The only catch I mentioned before (and I'll mention it again), is that you can't rely on Labs forever. We tell our clients, "don't create a workflow based on these features, but definitely take advantage of them while they're there". It's an optional way to explore what others have found helpful within their own Gmail inboxes. (There are also a variety of Labs built for Google Calendar.)

To this day, I've never used a lab that's been discontinued, and in fact, one of my favorites just became officially integrated with Google Apps for Work. The removal of the Apps Search lab will make way for Gmail's instant results search feature, which will return results from not only your Drive files, but even show you relevant information from Google Calendar and Google+.

Why it changes the way we work

Remember when finding a file required us to physically look and scroll through our desktop folders, or maybe a folder within a folder, or a folder within a folder within another folder. At one time you've done this, and hopefully it hasn't happened again for the last couple years.

If you can change your mindset, ever so slightly, to think search instead of sort, Google will do all your work for you. As you've just seen with the update above, there's very little you have to remember to find exactly what you're looking for.

It makes us faster, more organized, and highly productive!

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Originally published on December 12, 2014

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