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G Suite & Personal Google Accounts: What's the Difference?

If you have a personal Google account, you’re most likely familiar with many of the features and tools that are available in G Suite! You might have also wondered exactly how G Suite is different from your personal Google account. Keep reading to learn more about some of the ways G Suite will help you to stay organized and productive at work.


Working Hours in Google Calendar

If you have a schedule with hours that fluctuate from day to day, Google Calendar allows you to set your working hours for each day. If someone tries to schedule a meeting with you during a time that is outside of your set working hours, Google Calendar will display a warning message for them, and give them the option to change the event to a time that better aligns with your schedule.


Out of Office Event Type in Google Calendar

Out of Office Event Type in Google Calendar

If you’re planning to be away from work, you can communicate this to your colleagues by using the Out of Office event type in Google Calendar. This event type gives you the option to have Google Calendar automatically decline all existing and future meetings during the time period that you will be out of the office.


Shared Drives in Google Drive

Shared Drives in Google Drive

To make it easier for you and your colleagues to collaborate with each other, Google Drive for G Suite gives you the option to keep files stored in Shared Drives. Within a Shared Drive, all of the files and folders are owned by all of the Drive members. If anyone leaves the Drive, all of the files will still be accessible by the other Drive members.

Workspaces in Google DriveWorkspaces in Google Drive

The Workspaces section in Google Drive allows you to bring together shortcuts to some of your most frequently accessed files. This saves you time when you’re working in Google Drive, and makes it easier to keep track of the various files that are associated with different projects or tasks.

These are a few features tips to get you started. For a library of others check out Cloudbakers CLaaS, a program designed to increase G Suite user adoption and satisfaction while giving admins an insight into G Suite roadmaps. Join CLaaS today!

Originally published on August 15, 2019

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