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Cloudbakers G Suite Summer Series

Spend time on what's worthwhile.

Our G Suite Summer Series, part of our Cloudbakers’ CLaaS Program, takes your users into their comfort zone while getting up to speed on some of G Suite’s latest updates. How do we do this?

Our cues come from the world of reframing an idea to bring clarity to concepts. For instance, this summer, camp experiences will lead children to new experiences, sometimes focusing on a skill like an instrument or chess, but sometimes pushing students outside of their everyday experience for revelations about themselves.

Here in Chicago, at Second City’s stellar RewireU, they teach improvisation to refresh participants’ ideas about work. They say, “the program is designed to teach participants how to rewire their minds to be more like that of an improviser: nimble, adaptable, and accepting of ideas.”

In this unconventional but time-honored tradition, the G Suite Summer Series tackles time-saving G Suite productivity solutions from a fresh, fun, and memorable perspective. Cloudbakers G Suite Specialists present relatable scenarios and show all of the resources available to get the best results.

Behind the Scenes: planning the sessions

Imagine springtime in Chicago. Snow. Sleet. A lingering chill. We were so tired of the cold and ready to talk about summer! We decided on session topics that take you outside of the workplace, where plenty of data still needs to be managed, but where the content seems more exciting in the dreary springtime. Activities like summer outings, road trips, and vacation planning all still benefit from the power of Gmail, Calendar, Sheets and more.

We were on a mission to help users save time for what’s worthwhile – whether that was in planning for their summer or increasing productivity at work so they could take more advantage of their summer. Regardless of a user’s reason to join the sessions, they would take away valuable insights that make them more efficient at work all year round.

What to Expect

We’ll talk about Gmail, Google Calendar, and all their related apps with much more excitement than the average team. We enjoy ourselves while learning and problem-solving so that the topics and use cases have a better chance of sticking. At the end of each session, there will be an interactive chat Q&A. We’ll learn more about the challenges our audience is facing and have immediate feedback to share.

Our goal is ideal e-learning. Thirty minutes for a webinar will keep things manageable for schedules and attendees can join from a rooftop or patio. The best part: you’ll remember the solutions. Your users will remember the solutions! The Summer Series isn’t an overview of G Suite tools, it’s how to use them well...and together.

We’d love for your team to attend all of the sessions and really capture our holistic approach, but in case you cannot, recordings will be saved to our CLaaS portal for viewing.

The time is now! Create a new summer learning culture at your organization. Dates run throughout the summer starting week of June 10th. Get in touch with us for more information.


Originally published on May 31, 2019

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