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Giving Back This Holiday Season | Cloudbakers Hosts the Hour of Code

We've all seen this screen before.

Google Search Page - how is it made?

For a page that looks so simple to the user, it's amazing that behind the scenes the code that makes it up is so intricate.

Hour of Code at Southbury Elementary School"Woooooowwwwww" is what we heard over and over again from the students of Southbury Elementary School, during the introduction to the Hour of Code event that Cloudbakers hosted yesterday.

Our team had been looking for the perfect way to give back to the community before the end of the year and this all-day event was the perfect way to use our own skills and knowledge to help others. What started out as a plan to do this activity with a single classroom, soon turned into an all-school event as the word spread. With 500 students, from 1st grade through 5th, we were able to spark the curiosity about computer programming and let them do some coding on their own. Here are some of the activities we got to do.

Hour of Code Activity on the iPad

From Star Wars to Minecraft, to Frozen and Flappy Bird, we couldn't have had more fun! Like Mitch had explained at the beginning of each session, "coding is just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You have to start by looking at the big picture".

Our new friends got to help Alex create a digital automated pinwheel and even take an activity home to teach their family. Our hope is that we started enough excitement around computer programming to motivate them for a lifetime of learning and desire to code. With the feedback we received when their Hour of Code came to a close -- the 'will-you-come-back's and 'this-was-awesome's -- I think it's safe to assume they had a good enough time to continue doing this on their own.

Hour of Code 2015 | Cloudbakers

As you can see, the day was an absolute blast (even got to play on the playground at lunch). It was exciting to hear this next generations' answers to the questions we had asked (for example, what kind of careers require coding?), as well as hear the questions they asked: things like, "how can I build a website?", "where can I learn more?", and "do you guys write Java script?". We loved them all!

Thank you to Southbury Elementary staff for letting us come visit, and thank you to all the students who inspire us to do the Hour of Code again in the future!

If you're interested in learning more about the Hour of Code, please visit their page by clicking on the 'Hour of Code' button below.

Hour of Code

Originally published on December 11, 2015

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