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Giving Youth An Opportunity To Get Real Jobs And Contribute To The Community

More often than not, we think of the cloud as a way to make businesses more efficient, productive, and profitable. Yes, businesses need cloud to accomplish these goals effectively, but there are reasons beyond that we should be looking at to make our decision to use it. One of our favorite projects to date didn’t start with cost as the first conversation, nor did we let cost stand in the way when it came time to bring the project concept to reality. This project started with wanting to make an impact for youth in cities across the Nation.

Data Creates Change In Our Communities

Data is necessary to show progress. Showing progress helps you focus on what you’re doing well. Focusing on what you’re doing well gets you closer to accomplishing your mission. Data is what allows you to continue innovating towards your purpose. One Summer Chicago (OSC) turned 7 this year, and they have done an amazing job building a youth program that ‘empowers youth with meaningful skill-building summer work experience’ that includes valuable job training, career advising, and real work experience.

With 31,151 youth engaged in the OSC program and with over 3,366,257 hours of completed service by these young citizens, the impact on Chicago’s prosperity is enormous. How do we know? We captured data.

MHA Labs partnered with Cloudbakers to develop an online survey tool for One Summer Chicago to help "redefine the how youth human capital is valued as a driver of social and economic progress". The program, called 'Working Impact', measures youth performance in a way that validates youth as skilled workers and contributors.

Working Impact

Some of the statistics that this program brought to light (some specific & some in summary):

Youth outlook towards work readiness skill gains

  • 78% improved teamwork skills to work well with others
  • 74% developed better ways to solve problems when facing issues or setbacks
  • 72% improved planning skills in order to reach goals
  • 74% developed time management skills in order to meet deadlines
  • 73% expanded communication skills to effectively express ideas
  • 67% gained skills for resolving conflict with other people

Employers' ratings of youth readiness in the workplace

  • Over all professional attitude subcategories, youth scored a minimum of 74%. These employers saw their 2017 hires as calm, clearheaded professionals, who graciously accept criticism and take responsibility for his or her actions. Other categories included teamwork ethic, problem solving, and time management.
  • 84% of employers rated their youth employees as expert or skilled on one or more technical skills. Data like this enables One Summer Chicago partners to create job-specific hiring pipelines going forward.

Youth mindset on life goals

  • 62% of youth discovered career pathways aligned to their life goals
  • 66% of youth said that the program helped them prepare for what they plan to do in life
  • 65% stated that participation in the OSC program made them want to try harder in school, while 71% said that the program helped them see that education matters.
  • 70% of youth has a goal of getting a 2-year or 4-year college degree

Working Impact Survey PlatformAnd the stats go on. These numbers continue to propel this organization's mission to success. Without today's tools and cloud's capabilities, measurements like this would take a lot more time and money to gather. In many cases, feedback may have only been gathered from youth, or the employers alone. With the creation of Working Impact, from concept to cloud, MHA Labs and One Summer Chicago were able to gain a 360 degree view of the program, from youth, employers and mentors alike.

If you are interested in bringing your own data to life, please reach out to Cloudbakers' experts to strategize and execute a cloud project.

Originally published on November 09, 2017

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