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Google and Cloudbakers Make the Perfect Pair

Cloudbakers is turning 4!

Cloudbakers’ birthday is less than a week away, which gives me a perfect time to really sit back and reflect on the company – the projects we’ve completed, the decisions that have changed the way we work, and the clients that we would do anything for.

Before 2010, I was a happy CIO for a $400M company and was given a task to do more with less. I researched, experimented and implemented numerous cloud solutions, but couldn’t find anyone in the Midwest to help transition my company to the cloud. I knew that Google was the right choice, but I needed help managing the changes. At that time, I decided to start what is now Cloudbakers. I like to say, “I jumped off a cliff and landed on a cloud.”

The Google Cloud

Google Apps has come a long way even in Cloudbakers’ 4 years of existence. They’ve never missed a step in their continual updates to better the product week after week, but they’ve also integrated larger updates like Add-ons in Google Docs, new and improved Google Sheets, and even enhancements within Google Hangouts. In addition, they’ve introduced Chromebox for meetings and continue to bring Chromebooks into schools around the world.

My favorite aspect of partnering with Google is our similarities in values, drive, and commitment. There is always a place for more innovation in everything we do, and our clients’ needs have and always will come first. The two things that have surprised me the most during these past four years is that (1) Our Change Management program is our highest rated and most valuable product for our clients and (2) Google products actually help transform businesses.

Google Apps made sense to me when I was a CIO, and now as a Founder and Google Partner, I can’t imagine a better way to work. Together. ‘Working better together’ has become our company motto and the way we do business. Every Google update makes us better collaborators and more productive employees in the end.

The best announcement yet took place yesterday during the Keynote at Google’s I/O conference, they announced Drive for Work – a new premium offering for businesses that includes all the services in Google Apps for Business plus unlimited storage, advanced audit reporting, new security controls and Google Vault. Below are the main updates, as told by Google.

  • Restore a user's Google Drive files

  • Better document and image viewing experience in Gmail and Google Drive

  • Dedicated desktop home pages for Google Docs, Sheets & Slides

  • Edit Microsoft Office files in Chrome and ChromeOS

  • Removal of Quickoffice from Google Play and App Store

  • Integration of Quickoffice into Google Sheets mobile apps for Android and iOS

  • Integration of Quickoffice into Google Docs mobile apps for Android and iOS

  • Google Slides mobile app for Android & iOS, with PowerPoint editing

  • Suggested edits in Google Docs

  • Introducing Google Apps Vault for Drive

  • Activity view, link sharing and more in the new Google Drive mobile apps

  • A faster, redesigned Google Drive

  • Unlimit your business with Google Drive for Work

What do you think? Stay tuned for future Cloudbakers blog posts as we dive into our favorite updates and show you how we think they’ll change the way you work so that you can work the way you live. Until then, I would love to jump on a 30 minute call with you to discuss and demonstrate how leveraging Google can work for you in the same way it’s transformed our clients’ businesses.

Learn about Google Apps in 30 minutes

Originally published on June 26, 2014

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