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5 Things You Missed at the Ann Arbor Google Apps Event

What was better than attending the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair on Wednesday? Coming to the Ann Arbor Google Apps event! Over 30 Michigan companies battled the sparse parking to learn more about how to add value to their businesses. Now that we've had a whole day to let the event sink in, here's what you missed:

  1. The All-Star panel

  2. Chef Tom's chicken and salmon (although the brownies were pretty spectaular as well)

  3. Fred's new & exclusive demo of Google Apps

  4. Experiencing the atmosphere within Google's walls-very Googley indeed!

  5. Networking with some of Michigan's finest company representatives

The All-Star panel was personally my favorite part of the presentation. Our three panelists were Tim Smith, VP of Technology at Imagination Publishing, Joel Hughes, SVP eMedia and IT at Scranton Gillette Communications, and last but not least, Justin Gale, Lead Architect at Bombardier Recreational Products & Blogger. Our guests enjoyed hearing how current customers use Google Apps to their benefit. Great questions were asked from the audience and we also had a proud winner of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet! 


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Originally published on July 19, 2013

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