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Step Aside Microsoft - Google Apps Is the Safe Choice for the Enterprise

HP-Chrome-Google-Apps-vs-Microsoft365A recently posted article reinforces the fact that Google Apps for Business is not only an easy choice, but also a safer choice over Microsoft Office 365. Mid market companies can greatly benefit with Google Apps, especially in terms of collaboration and communication. It also validates that the Enterprise server is dead.

Hewlett Packard is essentially replacing the Microsoft Small Business Server with a pre-installation of Google Apps for Business on the desktop.  Their use of the cloud as the server is a strategic shift by a large hardware vendor, which show enormous corporate support and confidence in the Google Enterprise solution. We see this as a trend-setting behavior, and expect that more manufacturers will be following suit as they tire of the complexities in dealing with Microsoft.

Stay Tuned! Click here to see a short video to learn more about the business benefits and magic of Google Apps for the mid market.

Originally published on June 13, 2013

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