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Google Calendar Just Got Better!

From finding my way on campus to traveling around the world, and finally moving to the city of Chicago, Google Maps has been my friend through it all. I’ve gone from driving a car, to taking the train, walking, or going for an occasional bike ride: Transportation finally made possible without getting lost!

Google Maps to the Rescue

By far, my favorite aspect of Google Maps is having my destination pop up before I even finish typing it in the ‘Directions’ box. Now, thanks to Google’s pace of innovation, that same capability is possible in Google Calendar.

Need to plan a lunch meeting at a nearby restaurant? Inviting people to a conference at a hotel banquet hall? Whatever it may be, your location is finally easy for everyone to find (and you don’t even have to copy and paste the link from Google Maps anymore). When creating an event, the ‘Where’ field will offer you suggestions as you begin typing in your desired destination. 

Google Calendar in Google Apps for Business

Try it out for yourself or click here to check out the original blog post from Google’s Official Update Feed from the Google Apps Team.

Originally published on December 06, 2013

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