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Google for Work Gives Meaning to End Users

Question: How do you make technology cool to an average person walking down the street?

I overheard this question on the train a couple weeks ago and am taking a stab at the answer. For the most part, I think the average person is intrigued about technology. They want to know about the latest features and usually want to purchase the newest gadgets available. When we think about technology for personal use, it seems like everyone is eager to learn and do more with it. Why is it then, that when it comes to technology at work, people seem to complain more than embrace the tools they’re using?

It’s important for technology to be as exciting for your end users at work as it is for them in their personal lives. If you assume that your employees aren’t ready for an innovative move, whether the reasoning is fear of change or time commitment, that might just be when they need that change the most. There’s no better time than now to give people the tools that allow them to do their jobs better, smarter, and have more fun while doing it. So how do you make technology cool to them?

Answer: Make it fun to use and easy to understand.

Google for Work

This week Google announced their re-branding of Google Enterprise. This umbrella covers a number of Google products from Google Apps for Business to Google App Engine, and everything in between. Going forward, this will all be considered Google for Work.

Rajen Sheth, the mind behind the original Google Apps, said it best in a recent article. ‘There’s so much more to Google for Work than simply a change in name.’ Instead, it confirms Google’s drive to make sure that the technology makes sense to everyone – the IT Director, the CEO, the HR department and every end user in the company. Google wants their products to appeal to everyone, not just by looks and popularity, but by transparency and the ability to actually improve the way in which we work.

Businesses of all sizes and industries have already made the move to Google. See how they've discovered the fun side of technology, with tools easy enough for any end user to be productive on day 1.

Testimonials from Google customers

Originally published on September 05, 2014

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