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Google Hangouts on Air: Changing the Way We Do Webinars

Cloudbakers loves Google Hangouts on AirWe've always been proud to sell the products and services that we do because we use and love them ourselves. We practice what we preach, and we can walk our talk. So of course when Google provides us with a stellar way to hold video conference calls for the public, there's no question that we'll be taking advantage of the tool. What is it? Google Hangouts On Air. This month, we held two webinars using Hangouts On Air, and we had so much fun getting to use Hangouts on a whole new level. Take a look at what we ended up with!

We kicked off our first presentation after the announcement of Google Drive for Work. We brought in Kevin Breen, Vice President at CJ Drilling, to talk about how the Google Platform has enabled his construction company to enable growth, enhance communication, and eliminate inefficient processes. His team can now work effectively whether they're in the office or out in the field.

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Our second try at Hangouts On Air was even better than the first (even with Mitch asking about James' haircut in the first couple seconds of going live).

In our Google Apps for Education and Government webinar, we had a guest appearance by Orlee Lucero from the City of Galesburg. He discussed their process of moving to the cloud from an on-premise system, and what it now looks like two years down the road.

Hangouts On Air has proven to be a great (and free) resource that we can use again and again. All you need is a Google+ account and from there you can schedule your broadcast. Trying out a presentation of your own? Let us know when you're 'On Air' and we'll come watch!

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Originally published on July 23, 2014

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