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Google Quick Tips | A Step-by-Step Google Education

Google works around the clock to make sure we are provided with the best tools that make our lives easier.  A couple weeks ago, we wrote you a blog about personalizing your Gmail inbox with Google Labs and increasing your efficiency at work. We realized that even aside from Google Labs, there are a lot of neat features being overlooked in Google Apps, particularly Google Drive. To help make more of these features known, we have started Google Quick Tips. These short presentations (created in Google Slides) are designed to help you discover and use the components that make Google Apps not just great, but brilliant. Here are two to get you started:

Tips for Google Apps: Spreadsheet Dropdowns from cloudbakers

Use the validation tool in Spreadsheets to plan for events, get sizes for ordering your company's apparel, map out just about any project, and more. Be creative! 

Google Quick Tip - Spell Check from cloudbakers

For more help on cloud adoption within your organization, check out Cloudbakers' Change Management guide below. To learn more about using Google at work, follow us on Twitter (@cloudbakers) or on G+.

Corporate Change Management Tips | Cloudbakers Guide

Originally published on October 03, 2013

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