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Google Workspace: Doubling Down On The Evolution Of Work

Cloudbakers has evolved alongside Google’s incredible work transformation products since 2010. We’ve seen what they can do to enable fast, flexible, and fluid collaboration in organizations of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen “work” in many organizations morph from a physical “place” to a blend of human connection, organization, and communication via Google Docs, Drive, Meet, and Gmail. The recent global pandemic has further accelerated the need for this work transformation and has highlighted that time and attention are more precious than ever as lines between home, work, and school become blurred.

Collaborative tools from Google such as Drive, Docs, Chat, Gmail, and Meet have been around for a long time, enabling literally billions of users to work and collaborate from anywhere. The big announcement this month is that rather than sitting on their laurels in 2020, Google decided to double down on the evolution of work by bringing everything together into one seamless work environment with Google Workspace. Work that had previously gotten to be too much, too fast, and too scattered finds balance and harmony with Workspace. We ‘bakers could not be more thrilled about this announcement and are proud to stand behind this most significant evolution of Google’s work transformation tools.

“The way that people work has changed, and we’re proud to launch Google Workspace, a fully-integrated, cloud-native experience to help people around the world work and collaborate,” said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief at Google Cloud. “Our partners like Cloudbakers will play a key role in bringing Google Workspace to customers, and helping these organizations build a foundation for a connected future.”

Google Workspace takes a set of products that were already incredible and takes them to the next level with an eye on seamless integration and ease-of-use in a work-anywhere world. Workspace does this by very thoughtfully bringing everything together in a balanced, useful way. Whether at home, work, or in the classroom, we have more information, distractions, priorities, and apps than ever. On top of that, we are working from more places than ever before. This isn’t just a temporary trend, either– the majority of corporate employees worldwide are expected to work remotely long after the pandemic. Google wanted to help, and Workspace is the answer.

As an IT leader back in 2011 I vividly recall pitching Google email and collaboration tools to my then-CEO. I watched first hand as that decision not only saved my company from an overheated email server just in the nick of time but most importantly transformed the company from asynchronous to synchronous. From attachments to collaboration. From “when will we get the numbers?” to “did you see what accounting added this morning?”. From “who has the latest version of the board deck?” to “it’s already done and everyone has already added their input on Slides”. These are seismic changes that make organizations wonder how we ever got anything done the old way.

Leading Google-fueled work transformations in multiple companies makes me a firm believer in these tools, but Google Workspace takes everything I’ve seen so far in this space to the next level. Flexible, helpful, and simple. A stunning, thoughtfully integrated tech suite running on a proprietary and secure cloud foundation makes Google Workspace stand apart. If you haven’t taken a look at Google to help bring your company together in 2020 and beyond, Google Workspace should remove any remaining doubt. What are you waiting for? 

Originally published on October 09, 2020

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