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Highlighting the Core Principle of the Cloud Computing Model

Eric Schmidt, one of my personal role models and one of the true visionaries in the technology world, recently gave a Keynote Address at the Gartner ITExpo. During his tenure as president of Sun Microsystems, they coined the phrase, “the network is the computer.” This simple phrase highlights the core principle of the cloud computing model.


Later, as CEO of Google and now as Chairman of the board at Google, Dr. Schmidt has led the charge to help companies work better together. He introduced Google Apps for Business and is helping nurture it to its current state as the most mature, stable, and easy to use (not to mention cost effective) cloud based messaging and collaboration platform.

Read this blog to hear what Eric had to say at the recent Gartner ITExpo event.

To learn more about Google Apps for Business, click the button below.


Originally published on October 09, 2013

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