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How Do I Personalize My Gmail?

As experimental as they are, Google Labs within Gmail can make your inbox as unique and convenient as you want. The precaution still stands true: Labs are not 100% guaranteed and although you shouldn’t depend on them permanently, every one of them also has the possibility of becoming a regular feature within Gmail someday.

To activate any of these features, click on the gear in the top right corner of your inbox and select “Settings”. Across the top of the settings page, you should see the Labs tab.  For each lab, you have the option of enabling or disabling it, so don’t worry that a change cannot be undone. Just be aware that any time changes are made, you need to click the “Save Changes” button at the top or bottom of the Labs page.

Experiment away!

Here’s a list of some of Cloudbakers favorite Google Labs:

  1. androidGreen Robot!

With this lab, you can see which of your buddies are online via Android. It can be helpful to know if someone you are chatting with is at a computer or on their phone.

  1. Right-side chat

If you have a lot of folders on the left side of your inbox (like me), it can feel cramped to have your chat Buddies right underneath. Instead, even out your interface, by moving your chat panel to the other side.

  1. Undo Send

Have you ever accidentally sent an email a tad too soon? With this lab enabled, you can save yourself from embarrassment. Be aware that the “Undo” button will only be available seconds after the original send. I may not use this feature a lot, but in couple instances where I needed it, I’m definitely glad I had the option.


  1. Unread message icon

As long as you have Chrome, Firefox or Opera, you’re good to go with this one. Before this lab, I was constantly feeling the need to check my inbox for new emails to make sure I continued to be punctual in my responses. Now I can easily look at the top of my Chrome browser and see how many emails I have unopened in my inbox. The time it takes to glance rather than switch pages saves me quality time throughout the day and keeps me my attention focused on my current project.


  1. Auto-advance

Have you ever woken up to hundreds of new emails? Save time by automatically moving on to the next conversation after deleting, archiving, or muting the previous one. You even have the option of changing the settings so that you can either skip to the next OR revisit the previous conversation. Way cool.

Go to your Google Labs and try some new and exciting features-in-the-making today! 

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Originally published on September 13, 2013

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