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How To Address Security Concerns for CIOs Running a SaaS Infrastructure

Does moving to Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms require a significant investment in monitoring and custom API scripts in order to secure your business systems? Most people think so. However, BetterCloud has been creating a solution that allows you to securely reduce that level of investment.

In building their product, BetterCloud's investment is a direct result of the Cloud IT research they conduct every month.

In some of their more recent research, BetterCloud identified three investment areas (aka “blind spots”):

  1. Who will (or should) have the admin privileges necessary to manage on-boarding new staff?
  2. How will you handle former employees?
  3. How will you ensure data is not inadvertently (or intentionally) exposed? 

Each of these processes are essential to the security of your business. So how does BetterCloud add business value and reduce the investment to avoid these blind spots?

  1. Automating SaaS on-boarding scripts reduces labor, ensures consistent and auditable permissions for new users, avoids mistakes and productivity loss, and avoids over-privileged IT admin staff in sensitive business applications.

  2. BetterCloud provides scalable, automated off-boarding in compliance with Litigation Hold and data retention regulation, while minimizing active license count expense.

  3. Reduces threat surface by defining app and user group specific permissions and restrictions to achieve Threat Event correlation across SaaS applications. Instead of investing in custom scripts and threat detection, businesses can utilize BetterCloud's growing and codified library of data loss prevention rules and workflows to automate processes.

Let's take a look at two industry examples that can help illustrate our clients' transformation:

BetterCloud Security Blog

Bringing the cloud down to earth
Integrating SaaS into your operation does not have to be a complex and expensive process. Cloudbakers and BetterCloud can help you achieve simple, secure, and scalable processes for on-boarding, off-boarding and data exposure.

Reach out to us at care@cloudbakers.com to learn how you can take advantage of these same benefits!

Originally published on July 30, 2019

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