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How To Create An Appointment Scheduler In Google Calendar

You might want bookable appointment slots if you have open blocks of time that people reserve part of, like office hours. This can eliminate having many people drop by at the same time and allow you and your meeting participants to better plan for a time slot. 

In order to create bookable appointment slots, you will view your calendar in week or day view and click on the calendar where you want to create your open slots. Instead of making an event in your calendar, you will select the calendar type “Appointments Slots”.


When naming the calendar item, be aware that anyone who will book an open appointment with you will be able to see what you named this time. Also note that you can customize how long you want each appointment to be, so if you want increments of 15 minutes, be sure to change the slot duration. 

If you select ‘more options’ when creating, you can add guests to the appointments. This will add the guest to all appointments booked as well as send them a notification whenever a person takes an appointment. So, you would want to add someone like an assistant or trainee that needs to be in all appointments rather than someone that you intended to have a single appointment with during that block of time. You would also want to add a location or room to indicate where your appointments will meet you. 

In order to share out the bookable appointments, you will click on the event you just created and in the dialogue box or from the editing page, you will see a link called “Go to appointment page for this calendar”. Clicking that will take you to a shareable calendar of your appointment slots. People need to use Google Calendar to make a reservation with you, so this will be most useful for co-workers in your organization, but anyone can create a Google Account to get started.


When booking an appointment from the link you shared, all someone will have to do is click on the slot they want and hit save. This will add it to both of your calendars. 


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Originally published on June 26, 2020

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