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How to Export a Shared Calendar to a Google Spreadsheet

How to Export a Shared Calendar to a Google Spreadsheet | CloudbakersOver a year ago, we posted a blog instructing how to export Google Calendar entries to a Google Spreadsheet. As it turns out, this was a function that a lot of people researched and used. There were a couple scenarios, though, where users needed a little something more. What if you're trying to capture more than just the content in your main calendar? If you've ever asked this question, this post is for you!

As you can see from the previous post (you might need to read this first to get up to speed), the script requires you to add an email address on line 23. The question is: Where do we find that email address when we’re trying to export a shared calendar?

To find the "email address" for a shared calendar, we need to step back in to Google Calendar. Please follow with the screenshots and steps below.

My work calendar is below. The purple events are from a calendar shared among the entire Cloudbakers team. We use this to let everyone know when we’re taking time off or working from home.

Work Calendar in Google | Cloudbakers

On the left side of the screen you have a list of all your calendars (personal, shared, colleagues, Google’s default holidays, etc.) Go to the the desired shared calendar dropdown and click 'Calendar Settings.'

Export Shared Calendar via Settings | Cloudbakers

On that page you will see the "calendar ID" under "Calendar Address." Highlight that email and copy/paste into the script on line 23.

Calendar ID | Cloudbakers

Note: In this scenario, you still need to have a date range on line 39, and it needs to follow the same format as the example given in the script (ex: “May 21, 2015 00:00:00 CST”)

Script for Exporting Google Calendar | Cloudbakers

Save and run the script again and you should see the shared calendar event populate in your copied Google Spreadsheet.

This script is a simple one, and yet there are so many possibilities that scripts can bring to your Google Apps experience. Check out some of our favorite case studies here.

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Originally published on September 02, 2015

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