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How to Get More out of Your CRM across Departments

An application like Zoho has endless possibilities. In my experience, most Zoho users are new to the CRM world. The company that enlists in the service of Zoho CRM is up and coming, new, and not always very large. What most of these users and companies do not know is that Zoho has a wide range of other applications. These applications include Zoho Campaigns, Books, Reports, and so on. The best part about all of these applications is that they can all be integrated with Zoho CRM. Afterall, it’s the integrations between the applications that make them stand up to their fullest potential.  

There’s two Zoho apps in particular that I am most often asked about. They are Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Creator.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns | Cloudbakers

You will rarely find a company or an organization that does not have a sales and marketing team – and everyone knows that with sales and marketing, comes outbound calls, events, conferences, and none other than email campaigns.

After setting up a number of users with Zoho CRM, their first question to me after they’re up and running is, “How can I use the ‘Campaigns’ tab in CRM to the best of my benefit?” The answer is simple: integrate with Zoho Campaigns.  

Zoho Campaigns allows companies to work with drip marketing, update leads based on campaign lists, tracking, etc. Zoho makes it very simple to walk through the steps of syncing up your contacts from CRM to Campaigns and vice versa.

Zoho Campaigns Example | Cloudbakers

I know many users who thoroughly enjoy using this tool, as it helps their sales and marketing teams understand what method of marketing is working best for them. When email recipients unsubscribe from an email, or even if they mark it as junk, Zoho Campaigns allows users to track these updates. Here at Cloudbakers, we enjoy introducing this aspect of Zoho to clients, as it turns out to be very beneficial for them!

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator | Cloudbakers

Zoho Creator is a drag-n-drop custom application builder. Although it’s not as simple as Zoho CRM or Zoho Campaigns, Creator has a great way to encourage users (without a programming background) to build their own applications. The design of this application is built to make sure that it is end-user friendly. Zoho does just that. With a two-layer builder, users are quickly able to create the forms and reports they need, and then go to the second layer to use the drag-n-drop Deluge script builder to create the custom requirements.

I have seen extremely complex applications as well as applications that are very small and simple. Despite the complexity needed, Creator is a great place for users to create what they really need. I’ve had clients ask for a customer portal that then updates CRM as well. This is a pretty frequent request, and because Zoho has two products that will easily integrate with each other, we are able to accommodate these requests.

Endless Possibilities

These are just two of Zoho’s many platforms, but think of all the capabilities and possibilities you and your company have with them. Zoho has taken all aspects of a business into consideration, and formed an application for each area. If you’re interested in learning more about Zoho’s large variety of applications, please reach out to an expert.  

And if you’re not interested in using a Zoho application (but why not?), Zoho integrates with a variety of other applications, Google Apps being a big one.

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Originally published on June 15, 2015

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