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How to Setup a Chrome for Meetings in Less Than 5 Minutes

What's inside? A Chromebox for Meetings of course!Getting your Chromebox for Meetings in the mail is like waking up on Christmas morning and spotting that magical gift under the tree. It all starts with this box. Once opened, it will change your life forever. Your conference calls won't only become less tedious, but it will bring fun back into the office and into every interaction that you have with your clients, partners, or anyone else you have on the other end of your calls.

Chromebox for Meetings all pack awayThe installation of your Chromebox for Meetings is extremely easy and to be honest, it might take you longer to read this blog post than the amount of time it takes to actually assemble the parts. Grab a colleague and pick where you want your next conference room to be (Note: Just as easy with one person).

Ready to start? Let's go!

Getting started with Chromebox for Meetings

If you're anything like me, it's always good to organize (your thoughts or tangible parts in this case) before diving in. As you'll see, there's a bit more than just the four essential items in the box -- and don't worry about the cords. You can hide those later.

Chromebox for Meetings Contents

Aside from the camera, speaker/microphone, remote and the Chromebox itself, Google provides you with a mounting bracket and hardware for the Chromebox and adhesive fasteners for the camera. They also include a table mat that has a couple reminders of things like how to create a video call and how to share your screen over the Hangout. Plus the cords:


  • 15 ft. USB extension cable
  • DVI-to-HDMI cable
  • 14 ft. CAT5E Ethernet cable
  • Chromebox power cable

Notice that the display is not included. While Chromebox for Meetings supports a variety of types and models, Google suggests a 1080p-capable display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and screen size of between 40" and 55".

And here comes the real meat of the project:

1Mount your Chromebox

Because our display screen is already attached to the wall, it was easiest to hide the Chromebox by mounting it to the wall behind the screen. Depending on your room, it might even be easiest to mount it underneath a desk or shelf.

If you have more than one Chromebox for Meetings within your office, make sure you remember what serial number is assigned to which box. You'll find this number on a small card 

2 Place your Camera

I would say the most common place to attach your camera is above the tv/display, but you also want to keep in mind the height of that placement. It's best to have the camera as close as possible to eye-level. Just as Chromebox for Meetings is going to improve your video conference experience, you want others to clearly be able to see who they're talking to.

3 Connect your cables

This part is fairly self-explanatory, but the more organized you keep your cords, the faster you get to jump into your meetings. The speaker, camera, and wireless remote dongle will all be connected in the USB outlets on the back of the Chromebox. As you continue down the row, you'll see to connect the phone cord next, the display adapter, and finally the power cord.


4 Enroll your device

...so that your Chromebox can be added to your company domain. Once you're logged in to the network the directions for this portion of the setup are all given to you virtually. After setup, your display screen will always show an up-to-date calendar of the current and upcoming meetings scheduled for that particular room. Pretty cool, huh?

Enrolling your Chromebox for Meetings

Although it's possible to take advantage of this system without having a Google Apps account, it's nowhere near as advanced as when you are currently using Google Apps for Business. Chromebox for Meetings truly integrates with the platform, giving you and your company the ability to work better together.

It's a gift that keeps on giving. With every conference call, you save time. Can you image how many minutes you'll save every week? Every month? Every year? Congratulations on your productivity!

Learn about Chromebox for Meetings from Google

Originally published on May 13, 2014

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